How I earned $2 in Bitcoin

When I decided that I want to become financially independent, I undertook to use any legal solution to achieve my goal. For months I have been testing different methods, trying to find the miraculous solution that will allow me to get a secure income without investments and effort. In the last two months I have been using the games of a Bitcoin rewards platform. The financial result was positive, but the opportunity cost was too high.

In the last year, the pandemic and mental fatigue, generated by the endless calls, opened my eyes and determined me to look for ways to escape from the routine of eight-hour jobs. I have not yet managed to get rid of the ordeal of office work, but for several months I have been actively documenting myself and looking for solutions to escape. I am open enough not to refuse any tool just based on negative reviews.

I’m still far from the ideal of financial independence, but before I reach it I spend some time testing different ways to make money. Obviously, I have no reason to refuse solutions that promise to bring me returns without investment.

How I earned $2 in Bitcoin with Bling Financial

In the last two months, I tested the mobile games developed by PlayDay Studios and offered through Bling Financial, a Bitcoin rewards platform.

There are currently six phone games available on this platform. Each of these six apps allows you to play 15 times in one session. The number of games you can play is updated every 12 hours, so you can play a total of 180 games per day (15 * 2 * 6). After almost every game (more than 95% of situations) you have to watch an advertisement, which prolongs the time spent on the platform by 60-70%. In other words, playing games on the platform is quite time-consuming.

I installed five of the six games 2 months ago (the sixth game latter, because it was released 5-6 weeks ago). I used the games intensively for the first 2-3 weeks and then only occasionally. I gained the most in the first weeks of use, then the generated income decreased 3-4 times.

The money can be withdrawn from the application extremely easily, you just need an email that is attached to a Coinbase account. The platform allows a weekly withdrawal and the money is transferred within 24 hours. The maximum I managed to reach from using the games was about $0,25 (0.00001012 BTC). To win this amount I played all available games for several hours for a whole week. After almost two months of using the games on the platform, I raised in my Coinbase portfolio Bitcoin worth about $2. If BTC would increase to the levels reached in March the amount would probably value over $3.

Is it worth it?

Clearly, we can’t get rich with Bling Financial games, but they are a decent alternative to other non-revenue games on the market. Of course, if we take into account the costs related to the internet, electricity and telephone wear, the revenues obtained tend to zero. But even so, these winnings can be considered a plus compared to playing mobile games that do not generate any income.

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