I used CryptoTab to secure a passive income and failed

In the frenzy of cryptocurrency price increases, I started to analyze the phenomenon more closely. I tested some existing solutions on the market in an attempt to ensure a passive income. One of these solutions is CryptoTab, a browser that mines Bitcoin. It offers the prospect of earning passive income, but the rewards are so low that it is debatable whether it is worth the effort.

In a world where cryptocurrencies have become again a hot topic, I could not miss the opportunity to delve deeper into the phenomenon. This year’s widespread growth of cryptocurrencies has led me to try to get passive income from such activities. I can’t afford to buy state-of-the-art graphics cards and rigs to start mining, so I looked for programs, apps, and sites that give you the perspective to gain cryptocurrencies. I did not want to get rich from this but I hoped to get a motivating income. Some of the solutions on the market offer such low yields that their use would not be cost-effective even in a third world country. What I can say, without too much emotion, is that even in the world of cryptocurrencies, money is hard to make.

Today I will report my experience with CryptoTab. This is a nice, fast and exemplary browser that mines Bitcoin in the background, without significantly affecting the PCs performance.

I know that my PC is technically and morally outdated, which has reduced its mining and hash capacity. I installed my browser on April 22, when bitcoin was valued at $ 53,000 and I caught the crash at $ 30,000, so if I had started a month earlier, I would have been in a better position. Today, 41 days later, after staying with the CryptoTab browser open for at least 8 hours / day, I managed to collect the amount of BTC 0.0000135, about $ 0.5. In other words, from the mining activity with CryptoTab I managed to earn on average the equivalent of 1.25 cents per day.

The author's mining gains
The author’s mining gains

I have to admit that I didn’t bother to get more from mining. I had the possibility to insist on friends and acquaintances to install CryptoTab with my link so that I could form a network and increase my hash rate. The problem is that I should have convinced them not only to install but also to use the browser. After seeing the results of 2-3 days of use I decided it was not worth the effort. Strictly out of curiosity, however, I installed CryptoTab on a fairly old notebook. This convinced me that the hash rate also depends on the performance of the PC. With a network formed from my PC and a single notebook, I didn’t notice any real improvement in the mining process, so I abandoned the plan.

As I do not intend to invest in a better PC as long as the current one does its job and I do not intend to stress my acquaintances to become CryptoTab users, I had 2 options left to increase the profitability of mining.

First of all, I could have installed the mobile version of CryptoTab. This costs about $ 0.70, so I would need to mine for another 16 days on my PC to buy it. The promise of the application, that it boosts the mining speed twice, is not attractive enough to make me invest $ 0.70.

Secondly, I could use the boost option that the company incorporated in the browser. Taking into account that in 41 days I obtained from mining BTC 0.0000135, for 30 days the gain would be of about BTC 0.0000101.  A simple calculation, using the costs of the boost alternatives and the potential revenues (x boost* current income) I found that in each boost variant, with my current technological endowment, I would obtain revenues 3-4 times lower than the costs.

CryptoTab is a nice browser and it is a pleasure to use it for surfing the internet, but the mining activity proved to be a failure for me. I used the browser for about 8th hours a day so if I would have left it on non-stop, I could have tripled my earnings, but overall, I would not have covered the mining electricity costs.

Disclosure: The article is based on my personal experience which is limited and affected by my outdated equipment. It is possible for a user who uses a high-performance PC, develops his network and activates his Boost to obtain a satisfactory income.

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